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30 day plan - What is it?

This plan is not about crash dieting, eating plain tasteless food, or living on soups, salads and smoothies. It's about smart decisions and understanding nutrition and how to fuel your body. Its about releasing toxins and cutting out the things that give no benefits to your body, mood or skin. Good news - There are substitutes that come with the pack, that not only taste amazing but give you the vitamins, minerals and nutritional value helping to fuel or body in the correct way.

You cut out things like refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol. By the time you're finished you have not only learned but created new habits. New habits that you can always go back to. It can be used by itself or for better results you can use it with the Yoga FIIT Ebook.

Included in price - 2 bags of protien

                            Bag of daily fibre powder

                            2 boxes of fizz sticks (caffiene                                 substitution)

                            7 day cleanse or Greens powder

                            Digestion plus 

                            Herbal Tea

                            Free product

                            20% off products for the year


                            Part of a community

To get this pack and have it delivered straight to your door go to: 

If you would rather then please send an email to and I can help.


We can organise a chat to see what products are best for you and answer any questions you have.


The price ranges from anywhere between £250 and £100

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