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3 Myths about Positive Thinking

My intention with this blog is to help those who are where I once was. Doing what you are told and what you think is right but seeing no change. If you take what has been said here and implement it you will start to notice #positive changes. It will take discipline, patience and trust but if you want it bad enough you will do the work. It’s a choice…….you get to decide.

Before we get in to this I would like to state I am all for #positive #thinking. I do however feel like the term “#positive #thinking” is used ALOT nowadays and everyone is just expected to think #positively and all of a sudden their negative thoughts disappear.

When I first started this journey of self discovery, I began with The Secret which is all about Law of Attraction, Manifestation, think #positive #thoughts and you will receive #positive things and while that is true to a degree there is much more to it.

I remember feeling confused and disappointed when I would, be, act and speak #positively and yet negative thoughts kept coming up and I had no idea what to do with them.

I gave myself a hard time, I would try to ignore them and I would try to reframe them but nothing felt like it shifted. I would wake up saying “i am going to make today a great day” and go out and do all the things I think would make a great day, yet no shift. Things would still come up that annoyed me or upset me. I would try and take the control into my hands and say “if it’s meant to be its up to me”.

Yes #positive #thinking helps with success and helps us live a more vibrant life. I mean who wouldn’t want to live a life full of possibilities, inspiration, love, wealth, health, prosperity and so on. Or would you rather choose a life filled with things like misery, guilt, shame, fear?

Let’s be honest however if it was easy as just thinking positive thoughts we would all have what we want.

I started to realise that it isn’t just about the thoughts we think and the words we use but the feeling we put behind those thoughts and words.

Which brings us to myth No. 1

Positive thinking will bring you what you want

Yes #positive #thinking will help you bring about what you want, to a degree. It’s law of physics. Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is a thing wether you believe it to be or not. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You can’t see gravity, can you? What we put out we get back. Not what words we put out or thoughts we express but the vibrational match behind those thoughts and words. Everything is energy right? (if you don’t know what I am talking about research quantum physics) but yes is the answer everything in this world is vibration. Our vibration attracts more of the same. Like attracts like. If we are vibrating at a low frequency (shame, anger, guilt, frustration, agitation) we will magnetise more things, people and circumstances that vibrate at the same low frequency. If we are in high vibration (gratitude, joy, generosity, confidence, empowerment) we will attract more of the the things, people and circumstances that vibrate at the same high frequency.

TAKE ACTION - So yes positive thinking works and is great for mastering your mindset but use that in conjunction with things that will lift your energy. Movement, fresh air, doing something that scares you, trying something new, getting creative. What ever it is do it and cultivate the feeling that comes with it.

This leads me onto the next myth. Myth No.2

I can’t have any negative thoughts?

When negative thoughts AKA limiting beliefs, fears, stories etc come up for you its not about trying to eradicate them its about you letting them in, acknowledging them, understanding them and where they are coming from (eg past experience or future premonitions) and then choosing to reframe them. Re wire and re program not get rid of.

Our brains are a problem solving machine. It is there to keep us safe, as is fear. We need fear, we need the little voice that says ‘wait is this safe’ because without it we would walk into all kinds of dangerous situations. What we can do is begin to notice if the thought is a story that is linked to a past experience (already happened and can’t be changed) or a future experience that hasn’t even happened yet (and don’t actually know if it ever will).

It’s making a choice. Making a decision. To stay in the place of lack and limitation or success and abundance.

TAKE ACTION - So yes negative thoughts will come up and will continue to do so no matter how advanced you are in mindset. Don’t judge them, don’t analyse them, don’t over think or attach to them but instead notice them. How does that thought make me feel? How can I shift this feeling into a better one? How can I overcome this limiting belief or fear? Is this fear based thought my reality right now? Ask yourself questions. Once you have understood the reason that the thought continues to come up the easier it is to let it go and allow it dissolve. Once you notice the thought and let it in, it loses its power.

Which takes us to our last myth, Myth No. 3

I need to be positive all the time 24/7

In order for there to be a change we only need to be 1% better than we were the day before. 1% more effort. 1% over time of say 1 year looks like this.

So no you don’t need to be 100% #positive all the time. It does help and makes life a lot brighter however understandably people have shit going on and don’t yet have the appropriate tools to pull themselves out of the funk.

TAKE ACTION - It’s not about stopping the negative thoughts it’s about noticing when they come up and changing the narrative. So next time a negative thought comes up, stop and re phrase the negative statement or story into a positive one. Make affirmations and repeat them every time a limiting belief or fear comes up.

Honestly this took me a long time to master and i’m not even there yet. It’s a journey that I was willing to take because I knew there was better. I knew I was playing small. I knew I wanted to be of service and I was going to find a way to help others. But most of all I wanted mental peace. I wanted to stop feeling anxious and start feeling excited. I wanted to see the good and experience good things. I wanted to see things clearly when stress came up and know what to do to with it and how to handle it. I wanted to let go of anger, frustration and all these other emotions that do not serve us. I wanted to and I did. I still work on it daily and I am by no means perfect or even close to where I want to be but I am taking small daily action to get me closer to my intention and its been a ride, a bloody fabulous one. There has been high and lows and a lot of internal work through learning and growing but honestly I wouldn’t change any of it because it made me into who I am today.

I would love to know what you guys like to read about and if you have any questions you would like me to answer on one of my next blogs. Send me a message through email and let me know if you have any questions you would like me to answer or if your feeling confused and need some guidance. Thank you for being here.

Sending love and light



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Thank you for sharing this and adding in how you are doing. I think that's so important for others, especially when people are starting out a healing journey they look to others and set thier expectations for themselves to be like a person that is further into thier own journey.... I hope that makes sense xxx

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