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About me and YogiRise

Hey there:) firstly can I say thank you so very much for taking the time to read my first blog, its something I’ve wanted to do for a while, just never really had the courage or understanding to do it. But someone said to me a "blog is just your thoughts". I journal anyway and thought it would be nice to have somewhere that I can look back and see how far I have come. To share what I have learnt in hopes that helps others. So, here it goes.

My name is Jen. I am a 500hr Yoga Teacher. I live in Glasgow Scotland with my partner and our little puppy, Kobe. I have a brother, a big extended family, lots of friends and the best parents anyone can ask for. (I know everyone probably says that but I mean it)

This blog is going to be about me, the lessons life throws to us all, yoga, meditation, nutrition, motivation, health and wellness and all those kind of awesome things. I want to be as open and honest on here as possible.

So where to start? I think I will start with where I believe was the turning point in my life.

In 2010 something happened. Something that brought about a realisation. That something was caused by the lifestyle I was living. Sleeping all day, working in a bar at night, staying up until 6am, drinking, smoking, eating the worst diet ever. The only way I knew how to get away from it all was to get out of there. Especially after this incident I'm referring to, I just wanted to do something that was completely out with my comfort zone.

SIDE NOTE - Its funny now looking back, all these things fell beautifully into place with the most divine timing. I never realised that in the midst of chaos a rebirth was happening, and i'm so glad it did.

I decided to look into Camp America, best decision of my life. What I learned in my summers at Danbee could only be described as magical. I received all the lessons I needed. Confidence, self worth, independence, clarity are a small list of some of the things I gained. I saw my first shooting star, had a holiday romance, I done things I would never have had the opportunity to do at home. The most memorable or one of the most memorable was the day my friend gave me a lone of her book. The Power. The second book in The Secret series. This was the moment I learned about The Law of Attraction. This was the turning point. I have and still do live my life through the Law of Attraction.

A couple of years of practicing the Secret I fell into yoga. I went every Wednesday to an Ashtanga Class. I also at this point had my own network marketing business. For those who don’t know, if you are part of a Network Marketing business, a big part of it is is self development. This along with learning many business skills led me to where I am today. I am no longer part of the business but stay a very loyal consumer.

After reading books, going to seminars, attending yoga classes I wanted to learn more about meditation. The entrepreneurs I was reading about all had this in common. I was interested in the brain, positive thinking and how meditation can have a positive effect. I thought where can I learn about meditation? A yoga course of course. Never did I think I would be a teacher.

In 2016 I applied for a 200hr Teacher Training course with Seasonal Yoga. Another great decision. What I learned in this course deserves a separate blog as there is far too much to share with you here. I qualified in March 2017, started teaching right away and within a few months was teaching almost 20 classes a week. I was hosting retreats, workshops and 121’s. I had found my passion. I started my own yoga business and was doing amazing. I was truly grateful. After my 200hr I went on to do the 300hr, Advanced Seasonal, Seasonal Yin and Aerial Yoga.

So from 2010 to now I can honestly say, and most people I know can say the same, I am a completely different person. I am so proud of my journey and everything I have had to overcome, all the blessings I have received and opportunities that have risen. I am in a better place now than I ever thought I would be. Remember to look back and reflect, reflect on how far you have come in the last 3, 5,10 years and ask your self am I on the right path? If you are then great keep going because the self discovery process never ends. We are constantly learning. And if you are NOT on the right path, that’s okay there is always time to hop aboard. Just start small. In this blog I will help you find your feet if that’s what you need. If you are already there then lets band together and carry this journey of self discovery on together, anyone is welcome.

So why YogiRise? Rise is a word that always comes up for me. A word I have always found very inspiring. When I think of the word rise, I think about rising above. Rising above the challenges, the obstacles, the excuses, the doubt, everything that isn’t serving us.

This blog is here to inspire, to pass on the lessons I have learned in life, to be accountable to you. What I mean by that is we all have down days, days where we feel we can do better. Days where we are tested and need to rise above. It's important to know you are not the only one who feels this way. I am here for anybody that needs someone to just listen and I would love it if you are there for me. We all need to people to lean on. Get in touch if you feel you want to and let's come together and RISE.

Peace and Love



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Thank you so much Ted for such lovely words. You also keep me going so thank you for that❤️


Ted Johnston
Ted Johnston
26 de jan. de 2021

Amazing work, u r an inspiration to so many. This is needed so much, by so many at this time. Be very interesting when we come out the other side with a whole new vision. PS: your yoga is brill, keeps me same. Thank you.

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