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Do you have Neck and Shoulder pain?

We all store our stress in different areas of the body. The 2 main areas people carry a lot of tension is in either the neck and shoulders or the hips and lower back.

Our trauma and emotions are stored in our physical body if they are not worked through and released. They are stored in our connective tissue which is like ‘cling film’ that wraps around the entire body, muscles, tendons, etc. It keeps the whole body connected through its giant web. This is why if you injure your ankle you can feel pain in the hip or even the shoulder, its called referred pain.

When our tension is carried in the neck and shoulders you will realise when you become aware of it that at different times in the day or night, we clench our jaw or our shoulders are held a little higher or our chin protrudes forward which results in shortening the neck muscles and compresses the base of the neck.

Unless this tension is released it can manifest into migraines, lack of motivation, agitation, low mood, mental fog and much more. It’s important that when we feel tension in the body that we stop and listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. It is trying to communicate with us and make us aware of the stagnant energy so we can release it and let go.

This can be done through yoga, massage, gentle stretches and many other things.

When the body is tense the mind is tense so start by removing the energetic blocks in the body and this will help to free up mental space.

So here is a 15 minute neck and shoulders flow that you can use to help create more space and feel more ease in the body and the mind. Just click the button below to get access.

Sending Love



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