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High Vibe, Low Vibe the new buzz words?

“High vibe” and “low vibe” are the buzz words right now.

When we talk about feeling full of energy or feeling a little low, what are we describing? What do we mean by energy? We are talking about our frequency. Our ‘vibration’ is a fancy word to describe our state of being.

Stay with me here while I get a little technical. We know our bodies are made up of skin, muscles, tissues, blood, bones etc, but every organ, every bone, every tissue, every cell has its own resonate frequency.

When one organ is out of tune, this affects the entire body.

The lower the frequency, the denser our energy will be and the heavier our problems feel. This is where we may experience pain and discomfort in the physical body. We may also experience mental confusion and heavy emotions. Physically our energy may seem darker.

The higher the frequency the lighter our physical, emotional and mental bodies will feel. We will experience greater peace. love, joy, clarity and personal power. Our life flows with synchronicity.

There are now scientific links between frequency and health. A healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz (megahertz) and when our frequency drops to 58 MHz that is when disease and viruses start.

As our frequency drops our immune system is compromised which wreaks havoc on the body making us more susceptible to disease.

PLEASE NOTE Disharmony and imbalance in our bodies energy field shows up long before there is a physical problem.

So what can we do to raise our vibration or maintain a high vibration?

1. First think about everything you come into contact with. What you ingest, listen to or think. These things all have a vibrational frequency that affects our energy field.

THE GOOD NEWS we can actively make changes to these to help raise and maintain a high vibration.

2. The foods we eat. All foods impact our energy field. This is why we feel heavier (not just in weight and energetically) when we eat highly processed foods, foods that are high in sugar, fat or salt. They make us feel more lethargic and mentally foggy. However when we eat fresh food and get our daily nutrients and vitamins we feel we can do anything. Our energy levels are high and we feel clear.

3. Water. Stay hydrated, this helps to flush out any toxins in the body.

4. Meditate. When we meditate we calm our soul. When done consistently we enter a state or peace, we feel our whole nervous system begin to slow down.

5. Nature. We are surrounded by things that can interrupt our bio-electrical state and lower our frequency but when we connect with mother earth we cleanse ourselves of these negative energies and naturally come back to balance.

6. Have fun. Laugh, play, let loose, dance, play with animals.

7. Detox from technology. Too much is draining our energy and lowering our vibration.

8. Listen to music. Finding music that feeds our soul and makes us smile does wonders for our energetic body.

9. Yoga. Yoga is designed to bring balance back to our physical, mental and emotional body. By combining breath and movement we are working directly with the nervous system to slow things down.

10. Hug someone, get a massage, have some form of human contact, this is also known to raise our vibration.

IMPORTANT POINT - Don’t do what I did for such a long time and worry about being in a high vibration all the time. This will negatively impact you because you are worried and coming from a place of fear. Just be mindful. Choose one thing to focus on and add more to your list as you become comfortable with all the tools. Being aware is all you need to do. Slow down and notice how you feel, if you feel low do something to make you feel good. The more you do this the easier it becomes. It’s like a muscle we need to consistently work on it to make it stronger.

There are other ways to raise your vibration by using bioenergetic devices but that is for another blog. To be continued…….

Sending all the love



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