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How yoga props can change your practice!

This time of year is a great way to introduce yoga props into your practice. Slowing down your practice is a must in the Winter. Yin yoga is a great way to slow down, go deeper and release more tension. In order to do a yin yoga class, props are a definite go to, it leaves you feeling like you have just had a massage.

Although this doesn’t mean you can’t use props at any other time.

Using yoga props in any practice can completely change what you feel in your body.

Yoga props offer you support and make your practice more enjoyable. It allows you to open up more in the posture and align your body in the correct way so you are not building tension in any other area of the body.

In gym environments there are usually mats and maybe some yoga blocks. It’s very rare that you find belts, bolsters, wheels and any other supportive apparatus you will usually find in yoga studios.

The good news is these props are not just for the use of yoga studios, you can buy them online and use them at home or in class or make your own. I urge you to try them if you haven’t done so already.

I love using props in my practice. I always find they make a huge difference. There are days when I don’t need them because I am maybe feeling more open and flexible and if that’s the case I leave them out.

In a yin or restorative pose they are used to help support the body however you can also use them in an ashtanga class where you would use them to bring the floor closer to you.

For example in a Standing Wide Leg Forward Fold you would place the yoga blocks or bricks under either the hands or if your head is close to the mat you can place it under the crown of the head. In a Seated Forward Fold you can use a yoga belt to wrap around the balls of the feet to help keep your spine long as you fold forward.

Either way they are great tools to add into your practice and have them there when and if you need them.

So what are the best yoga props you can invest in to enhance your practice and that I have invested in myself?

1. Yoga Brick

2. Yoga Block

3. Yoga Strap

4. Yoga Bolster

I have also included a short video of how you can use these in props in different ways.

The one thing I always say is make it work for you. Everyone is different so use the information that is given but also listen to your body. What does your body need? Do you have any injuries that you need to be mindful of? Does your body need a gentle stretch or a deeper stretch, don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions.

You can also use things around the house if you want to make your own. Instead of a brick you can use a large, hardback book, instead of a strap you can use a belt of some kind or a towel/piece of clothing and instead of a bolster you can use pillows and/or cushions.

If you want to know more information about how to use them, the best brands and where you can purchase these types of things please reach out, I would be more than happy to help.

Sending lots of love



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