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It is okay to Slow Down!

Here is a gentle reminder that it is okay to slow down. This time of year is usually the busiest for most people, so many things to do. Work, family occasions, Christmas occasions, lunches, dinners and so much food and usually alcohol are consumed.

Have you looked outside recently? Have you noticed what is happening to nature? She is beginning to inwardly retreat. Plants are beginning to slow down, leaves have fallen off the trees, days and nights are getting cold and dark, animals are starting to go into hibernation. This is all happening to help conserve their energy so they can make it through the winter months. We should be doing the same but instead we do the exact opposite.

We fill our calendars with many social events plus all our day to day activities. We pour away our fuel and we wonder why we end up burnt out and exhausted at this time of year.

It is important that we continue to fill our own tanks and save our energy.

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to choose you. It’s okay to do what you think is best for you even if it means staying in your pyjamas all day. It's okay to enjoy time with your family and friends sitting in front of the tv with a takeaway. It’s okay to have time off work if it means you are feeding your soul.

Yes go out, have fun, indulge but then make sure you give yourself the downtime. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have everything on your checklist done. Be kind to yourself. Slow it down. Slow your body down, slow your mind down, slow your life down. Like nature, be still, become silent for a moment. That may look like a walk in the cold, crisp, fresh air, it may be having a warm bubble bath, it may be sitting next to a fire reading a good book or looking out at the frost with a hot drink. It may be doing your yoga practice, your meditation or even some pranayama.

Find balance!

It is important we are having fun and it's what this time of year is usually all about. It is also important that we look after ourselves so we can enjoy the fun.

Don’t do so much and give so much that you are left depleted. What use is that to anyone?

Slow and gentle movements are best for your body during these winter months. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep your body supple and strong without over doing it. The mindful work you do on your physical body will manifest mentally and leave your mind open and receptive.

Here is a gentle and slow yoga flow you can use to not only slow down physically but mentally and emotionally. Use this flow to re align yourself and bring your nervous system back to balance.

Choose you, choose to slow down and click the button below

Sending lots of love



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