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Language and Mindset

Have you ever taken a moment to listen to the words you are using? Have you taken a moment to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking? Using the #correctlanguage is more important than you know.

Our thoughts, become our words, our words become our actions and our actions become our reality. By becoming more aware of the thoughts we are having allows us to make a choice. To choose the #mindset of lack or the #mindset of abundance. The positive #mindset or the negative #mindset. It is a CHOICE.

Every morning you get up you have a choice to snooze past your alarm or get up and get ready for your day. You choose what you will have for breakfast, what route you will take to work, what to do on your lunch break etc etc. These small daily choices accumulate into your entire day. When you get to the end of your day do you feel content with the choices you have made?

These are obvious choices that we make daily however what about the un conscious choices, like the language we use, the stories we tell ourselves or the thoughts we think? It starts with us.

Do you use phrases like

“ I can’t afford that”

“ I'm too busy”

“ I put on weight easily“

“ Im not worthy of that”

“ I hate my job”

All of these phrases come from a place of scarcity and lack. Not enough money, not enough time, too many responsibilities, old #beliefs that still overcome you, fear of the unknown.

Instead of living in a place of fear what about living in a place of abundance.

"I choose to believe I can lose weight with ease"

"I choose to believe I am worthy of……."

"I choose to see the good in the job I do"

"I choose to take time for myself"

By switching your words from a negative to a positive helps do magical things to your brain.

LETS GET HONEST - How do I know this? Because I have been there, and do you want to know a secret……I still am. I continue to do the inner work. I still have the little voices in my head that doubts and says I’m not worthy of more money, I'm not worthy of more success, I'm not worthy of xyz. What do you do when these voices come up? You STOP. Close your eyes and ask yourself…..Why do I believe this to be true? Majority of the time you realise the belief comes from an old past experience, or a belief that something is going to happen in the future even though we have no idea what the future will bring or its a fear based story we have built up in your own head.

We have things called neuropathways in our brain. Think of them like millions of motorways joining one to the other and making a web like structure in your brain. These pathways are made up with every experience From the day we are born until the day we die. You touch a hot cooker as a child, a pathway is formed from the experience so it doesn’t happen again. The more traumatic and the stronger the feeling linked to that experience the stronger the pathway.

They are like muscles, the more we use them the stronger they get. The less we use them the weaker they get and up until recently (being the last few decades) it was believed that once these pathways were formed we could not change the structure.

It is now proven that we can re wire our brains and that these pathways can change depending on our environment and what we are absorbing. This process is called neuroplasticity.

The best way to re wire is repetition. Repeating statements over and over again starts to create and strengthen the neuropathways resulting in us making better choices at a sub conscious level. So if we re program our subconscious to abundance and trust we act from a place of abundance and trust. When we unconsciously or consciously think of lack and fear we are strengthening that pathway which will result in us making choices from this mindset which leads to more fear and lack.


TAKE ACTION - Yes it takes time and effort, yes it can be challenging if you allow it to be so make it easy for yourself.

Start by becoming aware of what you are telling yourself. Why can’t you have that promotion? Why can’t you earn more money? Why can’t you lose weight? Listen to the story you are telling yourself and then #CHOOSE to re wire that thought pattern. Write 10 affirmations (positive statements) down on a bit of paper around what you desire and repeat morning, noon and night. Make these statements personal to you and remember they can always be changed, our desires change and so will our goals and visions and that is okay. #FEEL what it would be like to be living with that desire right now and cultivate that feeling.

Do this every day for a week and feel the shift happening in your body and your mind.

This is powerful if you let it be, so go all in and watch the magic happen.

Sending love



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