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Mini Blog Series - Inspire yourself to do better - Chat with Zojewellery

Another week of Inspo.

What is in store for you this week?

Zo jewellery.

Have you heard of them? If not check then them out, they are awesome.

I have so many of the earrings already, a couple of necklaces and a jewellery box. All of them are phenomenal quality.

I don’t take the jewellery off. I sleep and shower with the earrings and necklaces on and they are all still perfect. Easy to get on, comfortable to wear and also look fabulous.

I asked the girl behind the company to give us some info into what inspired her to start an online business, her tips and advice and any daily inspiration she has.

Zoe (the girl behind the brand) has taken an idea and ran with it, and I couldn’t be prouder.

I am so happy to say that she is another one of my besties.

Don't I have very inspiring friends - yes I think I do. They do say you should be around those who lift you up and inspire you. I think I got that one down.

I remember the day Zoe was talking about starting a jewellery company. It was the first day we were allowed out after lockdown number 1.

The day was beautiful, it was sunny, warm and just all around glorious. The 5 of us girls were chilling in the back garden having a few drinks and chatting about general life.

Zoe said she was thinking of starting a business and wasn’t sure what to call it. She gave us a few options and asked what we thought, majority voted “Zo Jewellery”.

The next week she sent us colours and then logos and before we knew it she was up and running.

Zoe grew 6k followers in the space of about 5months and business was booming - for good reason.

A few weeks ago however her instagram account got hacked and she had to start all over again.

Zoe being Zoe took it on the chin (after having a small meltdown - which is to be expected) and within a matter of 24 hours was already starting her second account and once again growing.

Zoe inspires me everyday.

Not only is she one of the best people you will ever meet but she is loyal, creative, business savvy, thoughtful, smart, funny…..the list could go on.

Why does Zoe inspire me? She makes me want to do better and she also teaches me the latest social media trends because majority of the time I don’t have a clue:)

Zoe was kind enough to answer a few questions for me so here it is…..the story behind the brand.

What inspired you to start Zo jewellery?

I have always been business minded and a go-getter which I take after my family! It has always been instilled in me that anything you want in life you can achieve.

I was reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, one of the tasks was to write down all of your favourite things and come up with a way to make success from them, so I started to research how I could start a jewellery business.

This was in May and within 6 days I’d ordered my first samples. I never doubted that it wouldn’t work out because I truly believed it would and manifested the success everyday. If you don’t fully believe in what you are doing or don’t give it 100% then it won’t happen for you. The more I think about how the business will look in the future the more effort I put into it.

I work in account development for a skincare company and even this path I am on was a chapter I manifested into my life. When I say manifest, I really wanted it and pushed myself to work hard to be seen and progress out of my therapist background and into a sales development role.

This has opened so many doors for me with a company I love so much.

Did you expect it to be as successful as it is?

I was so amazed at how quick people began to follow our socials and purchased from the online store! I honestly have the sweetest customers, so many who have been with us since the beginning. We always chat on DM, they ask my advice on jewellery to choose and I’ll send photos of looks that’ll suit them.

It’s so important to have some sort of engagement through an online service. I know my customers like the personal connection with the brand/me and it has definitely helped the success.

Something crazy that I was looking back on recently was that in school, I made jewellery for both my Standard Grade and Higher Art design pieces. Little did I know that I’d be owning a business selling jewellery.

Do you have daily inspirations? What keeps you inspired?

I think a lot about who I and where I will be in the future. That keeps me inspired to keep reaching my goals and not settle as everything is achievable if you put your mind to it!

My friends and family of course! I am lucky to also be around go- getters so we keep each other going, their advice is so important to me!

What obstacles have you needed to overcome?

I’m sort of in the middle of one, after reaching so many followers, 1000 per month in 6months, my Instagram was recently hacked and we have had to start a new one.

Although this may not seem like a big deal to some, Instagram is the hub for online selling, engagement and consumer outreach for this industry. So this hit quite hard in terms of loosing followers which has impacted on sales due to the nature of the business.

However on the flip side, it wasn’t physical money, stock or anyone’s health. The day it was deleted I made a new one and got straight back to business.

It has been a big hurdle but I have had so many followers, influencers I have worked with, friends old and new who have shared on their stories and given me so much support which is the sweetest thing and I am so appreciative of that.

Another obstacle is juggling all of the job roles!

I do everything for the business; content creator, stock, website builder, accountant, social media(fb, tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest), influencer outreach, customer service with the help of my mum and sister of course! It’s a lot of pressure but so rewarding!

If anyone is wanting to start a business, I urge you to DO IT, do the research and the math and don’t be scared! Anyone can message me to ask questions on how to start.

My favourite quotes

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Do yourself a favour and go treat yourself. Visit , browse, buy and enjoy. You can thank me for it later;p

Its time to RISE

Peace and Love



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