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What does it mean to be spiritual? 3 things that make you spiritual

I have a question for you…..would you describe yourself as spiritual? What does spirituality mean to you?

I ask because I was watching an episode of The Diary of a CEO podcast. Steven Bartlett was interviewing Ant Middleton. If you haven’t watched or listened to it yet, I would say it is a must and very eye opening.

They discuss how they wouldn’t describe themselves as a spiritual people but believe all the things people who are spiritual believe. The didn’t like the hippy like connotations that went with the word but as they discussed it more and more they soon realised that indeed, they are spiritual.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you need to fit into the hippy like, peace and love, 60/70s vibe type of frame work. You could just be you and still have the same beliefs.

A thing I would like to note here is you can be religious and spiritual. Spiritually is not a religion.

So what are 3 things that make you a spiritual person?

1. Connection

Do you feel other peoples pain or joy? Do you feel a sense of peace when you are looking at some of the worlds most spectacular views? Do you sometimes feel the need to help something or someone. Wether it’s a need to connect with other humans or a need to connect with nature there is still that feeling of wanting to be connected. To be part of something. To feel that we are not alone and that we are all in this together.

Think back to when covid started. When that sense of connection was taken away from us and the only way to connect with each other was via a device. That lack of human contact and time outside really started to affect the majority of us. You see humans thrive on connection and feeling a sense of purpose. Which leads us nicely to the next point.

2. A knowing that there is more to life (a sense of purpose)

Do you feel that there is more to life than what you are doing already? Is there a part of you that wants more? That you never really feel content? Is there a part of your life that you would change? Maybe its your job, maybe it is how you spend your extra time, maybe it’s a relationship. Whatever it is, it can be changed. The one thing that we know for sure which is constant, is change. Things are changing all around us every single day. So why do humans feel so un easy with change? Change is a good thing, change helps us grow and expand in ways we never would. It pushes us to adapt and in doing so grows our confidence in ourselves. It builds inner strength. So if you are feeling a nudge to do something that feels aligned and feels right, no matter the fear behind it or people telling you no, just bloody do it. Feel the fear and do it. If it feels right then you know its for the best and when you act on this you will begin to feel that sense of purpose get bigger and bigger. Having purpose is one of life’s greatest gifts so don’t waste it.

3. Inspiration and Gratitude

Speaking of gifts, do you ever take time out your day to sit, look around at your life and say thank you? It’s easy to be grateful for the things we have when our day is going well but what about the days that don’t go as well. I am still working on this one but what I will say is, it is about creating new habits. Before now, I used to set myself an intention at the start of the day but forget all about it as the day went on. Now when I feel off balance and not quite right I ask myself, what am I being a match to? Am I being a match to lack and scarcity or abundance and gratitude. When you can align yourself with a grateful heart you can quite literally feel the chemistry change in your body. Be grateful for your eyes that allow you to see a beautiful sunset. Your ears that allow you to hear music or the birds on a summer morning. Your sense of touch to hold someones hand, your sense of smell that allows you to smell the deliciousness of a home cooked meal. Your heart beat that keeps you alive. Your lungs that helps keep the life force (your breath) moving through the body. Your loved ones, your home, your food, hot water, your job, your car and so many other things. Through practicing gratitude, inspiration comes. When you can be grateful for the things that you have NOW then more things for you to be grateful for will come. This will spark inspiration and motivation, driving us to do better not just for us but for others.

Being spiritual isn’t a certain belief system where you go by what you are told, its about how you FEEL.

It’s about feeling what is going on inside you and asking questions to help us learn more about ourselves and the planet we live on. Why are we here? What can we do to make this world a better place for everyone.

Yoga is based around this concept. It’s about being aware, present, knowing what is happening in our bodies and noticing what may come up for us emotionally. The practice of yoga is the act of spirituality, we go inside and ask ourselves questions to help us fully understand what it is that is going on.

Remember spirituality can be whatever you want it to be, it doesn’t need to conform to the way society wants you to be. You do you. Be the best version of yourself. How do we become the best versions of ourselves? Implement the above and don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially to yourself. Be inquisitive, be eager, be brave.

Sending Love



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