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A Step by Step framework to Feel Better and Understand Yourself more

Have you ever been on a high and then something happens that impacts your mood and your energy starts to feel low and heavy? It takes hours, days sometimes weeks or months to recalibrate and get back to the high vibe state we were once in.

It’s hard to stay in a high vibe state of mind when the world around you is doing everything it can to show you otherwise. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama of life but not so easy to get out of it.

Here I would like to give you a few simple strategies that I use to bring my self back to the feeling of contentment and gratitude.

When you begin to feel off balance:

Step 1. STOP

Stop and listen. Stop and notice what has just happened and what has triggered this feeling that isn’t sitting well with you.


Listen to what your body is telling you. Notice what doesn’t feel right physically and where you are feeling it in your body. Breathe deeply into the area where you are feeling these sensations.


Explore your mind. Notice what is coming up for you mentally. What stories are coming to the surface?

Eg I’m not good enough, I could never do that, I tried that before and it didn’t work out, I could never make that amount of money etc….

Ask yourself do I truly believe these stories. Are these stories facts or are they made up or are they something I believe to be true because of someone else’s experience? Ask yourself why can’t I? Why do you feel you aren’t good enough? Why can’t you make that amount of money? The only reason you can’t do something is because you have been programmed to believe you can’t, by society, family, colleagues, the media, friends and many other external environments. In reality you can.

Do you remember the story of Roger Bannister? The 4 minute mile. Nobody believed he could run a mile in 4 minutes. It had never been done before so naturally people chose to believe and label it as impossible. Well the impossible was made possible. He ran the mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds. As of April 2021 1663 athletes have broken that same record some achieving a better time. All it was is belief. Roger Bannister believed he could so he did. Had he not believed he could, he wouldn’t have even tried it and that record would of been broken by someone else.


Don’t judge the stories that come up for you but instead accept them. Be grateful they have come to the surface so you can now acknowledge them and let them go. Choose to believe different. People always ask okay how do I make the change, what do I need to to do to make this dream a reality? Make a decision. That’s it, it is a choice. There is no right or wrong to that choice but at the end of the day if you choose to believe you can, and the dream feels aligned with you then you will do everything in your power to achieve it. If you believe you can’t then you won’t even bother trying.

So choose to accept what is coming up without judging and criticising yourself or blaming your self or anyone else. Think about these stories like clouds on a beautiful summers day. They come, you notice them and then they go.

Step 5. REWIRE

Now its time to get creative and this is the part people try to skip because they don’t think it will work for them or its all a bit wishy washy. Our brains are like computers. They are programmed with what we choose aka believe. In order to change the narrative we need to choose another program. We need to start rewiring the system.

Once you become aware of the stories that have integrated into your body and mind we can begin to create positive statements around those self limiting beliefs.


I can’t lose weight becomes I choose to believe I lose weight easily

I never have the time becomes I choose to believe time is my friend

I always feel anxious becomes I choose to feel good

I have no money becomes I choose to believe money flows to me easily

When you change the narrative, you change the program and something entirely different will begin playing through the screen.

The feeling creates the thoughts, the thoughts create our words, our words create our actions and our actions create our reality.

Feeling anxious creates, anxious thoughts, anxious thoughts will impact the way we communicate and come across to others, this leads to us taking action from an anxious place then the repercussions of that creates our environment which will mirror back exactly what we have put out…..Anxiety.

Now switch it.

The feeling of abundant creates abundant thoughts which leads to us emanating abundance through our words and our body language, allowing us to act from a place of abundance and our reality will mirror exactly that…….Abundance.

You see it all starts internally. Change the narrative and how do we do that…..repetition of what you choose to be believe. Not society, not someone else's experience but what you truly want to believe for yourself.

Step 6. REPEAT

Everytime you notice a feeling coming up which isn’t aligned with your high vibe self you follow this process. In the beginning I was doing this process every hour sometimes every few minutes. It doesn’t need to take you 20 minutes to do all of this it can take as little as a couple of minutes, so don’t overthink it. Do this for 21 days and watch your outer word expand into something you only dreamed about.


When an unwanted feeling appears, STOP. Start to pay attention. Become AWARE of what is happening in your inner world, what has triggered this feeling and what is this feeling? Is it fear, guilt, jealousy, anger etc. SELF EXPLORE Where do you feel it in your body and what stories are coming up for you. ACCEPT what is coming up without labelling good or bad. Choose to REWIRE. Say your positive statements minimum 3 times a day. Then REPEAT this process every time you start to feel uneasy.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART - which is one of the hardest parts. Feel into the emotion that comes up. Don’t shy away. If you feel guilt, sit with that feeling, notice the stories related to that emotion. As soon as you become aware of the emotion and choose to learn from it instead of pushing it away and telling yourself “im okay” it loses it's power. So when the ACCEPTANCE step comes up truly choose to embrace it before you REWIRE.

I genuinely use this step by step process everyday. I have conversations with myself to fully understand what is happening internally so I can re program and change not just my internal environment but my external environment.

I hope this helps, please let me know how you get on.

Sending love and light



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