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The Hidden Driver to Success is CONSISTENCY

No matter what you are trying to achieve in your life, consistency will play a big part. If we give up on what we are trying to achieve we will never get to where we want to be. In order to stay consistent you need to work on your inner game.

Your inner game includes the way you talk to yourself, your attitude towards your goals, your reaction to set backs, the way you compose yourself when something doesn’t go the way you had planned.

Let’s be honest, i’m pretty sure that we have all set a fitness goal at one point in our lives and did not achieve it. Most of the time it’s because we overindulged and at some point instead of forgiving ourselves and going again the next day, we throw in the towel and say that’s it, I’ve ruined it. With that kind of attitude you won’t ever reach your goals because you are making it too easy to give up. Also if you fall off track, you can always get back on but it’s a choice and it comes down to how much you want to manifest your desire.

If you are running behind and it get’s to the end of the day, it’s passed the time you would usually go to bed, you still have a million things to do and you are tired and just need sleep, still commit to 5 minutes of your yoga practice or 5 minutes of breathing or 5 minutes of meditation.

When we are fatigued and run down this is when we need it most. Our nervous system goes into a frenzy when we are in these kind of states so what we want to do, especially before bed, is balance out the nervous system. Using breath, slowing down the mental activity and using slow gentle movements to get the stagnant energy moving are a few ways to help you do this.

You don’t need to do a 60 minute yoga class or even 30 minutes all you need to do is stop and focus. Focus on one thing as opposed to multiple.

If you don’t start to change your attitude towards consistency well then you are just going to keep getting the same results.

People are so focused on working on the external version of themselves but what about the internal. What good is your outside health when you are falling apart on the inside?

Its 80% inner game and 20% outer. Your attitude, the way you react to things, the decisions you make will all determine your future. By taking those small consistent steps to your goals you will eventually begin to see the benefits but if you aren’t consistent with those steps 2 things will be sure to happen. Either you give up all together and you will never achieve what you set out to or you will just keep starting and stoping which is more mentally draining and creates more fatigue.

Take control of your own life and choose to work on yourself internally and externally and be consistent with this work and you will begin to see the shift.

A great book on this topic is called ‘The Slight Edge’ and talks about the compound effect and how when we do a little everyday either positively or negatively, over time it will begin to impact us.

So instead of being on the decline choose to be on the up. Choose to do the the things that are easy to do but easy not to do. Tell yourself its not an option its a priority and just play about with how you can fit it into your day but no matter what…..DO IT.

I would like to share with you a 15 minute flow and a 10 minute breath awareness video. Both these videos are designed to bring your nervous system back to balance. Doing these types of things consistently will have a profound shift in your health and wellbeing. I have also made a very simple and easy to use check sheet. All you need to do is tick the small box on the check sheet when you have completed either video. I would encourage you to choose what video you want to use and commit to doing it every day for the week. If you can fit the other in great but don't put pressure on yourself to fit both in. The check sheet is there to keep yourself accountable.

Download PDF • 39KB

I hope you enjoy

Sending lots of love



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