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Yin yoga is one of my favourite ways to de stress. It is a form of yoga unlike the typical flow class that you are probably used to. It is where you hold postures from anywhere from 3-10 minutes. It's not easy to do this style of yoga in gym like conditions because there are not usually access to the right props. One of the benefits of doing yoga at home is that you all ready have the correct props in your house. Pillows, blankets, books, straps can all be found in a household.

So why Yin? Yin Yoga is a slow and gentle but very effective way to release tension from the body that we all know helps to relieve tension in the mind. Yin Yoga is also great for your mental state as it requires a strong focus on the breath. It is easy for the mind to wander here as you are doing less and can be easily distracted.

The body opens in its own time and not when you choose for it to open, its all very much connected to the breath. Use the inhale to intensify the stretch and the exhale to move deeper into it by relaxing more and more with every breath out.

When we hold a pose for a longer period of time, we bring the stretch to the deeper tissues such as the tendons, fascia, ligaments, and the other connective body tissues. These tissues have less blood supplied to them and are less elastic, and therefore need more time to stretch. When stretched regularly, it increases the overall flexibility, circulation, and range of motion in the joints and ligaments.

In Vinyasa Yoga and modern Hatha Yoga, the movement makes the muscles take the main load and stretch. Muscles are quick to warm up and stretch but also quick to cool down and rebound. That is why, if you do not practice for a few days, you can see a decline in flexibility and strength.

So, if you practice only dynamic forms of exercise or yoga such as vinyasa, you will gain muscle strength, but not necessarily a wider range of motion. To have a healthy range of motion around our joints, many of us need to also stretch the deep connective tissue and the joints.

Having a balance between both can help both strengthen and lengthen leaving you feeling more balanced and aligned. Doing this to our bodies and working at a deeper level can help us do the same to our minds. The mind and body are connected so if you can re align one the other one tends to follow.

Yin Yoga is great for any time of the day, I however do love to do it at night just before bed. It sends me off into a lovely peaceful sleep and makes my body feel great. If you haven’t already tried it this is your cue to give it a shot as I genuinely believe that the benefits are too good to miss.

Click the button below to get FREE access to a yin yoga class. If you don’t have the yoga equipment please don’t worry as you don’t need it. Anything similar lying around the house works just as well.

Enjoy the class and if you enjoy what you see then please let me know. I love to hear your feedback.

Sending lots of love



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